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Hi everyone!

It seems life has been really hectic for me lately. Changing of lifestyle is always difficult but I’m starting to get a better handle on it all. Making modeling one of my top priorities, I’m ultra motivated to get things done and moving in the right direction. Easter’s today at least (and 4/20 for my friends who’re into that sort of thing). So happy to be able to get together with my family and eat an amazing delicious dinner by my Grammy.

This shoot has so far been one of my favorites simply because it has a very artistic feel to it. Sneaking around into abandon lots and pushing the limits really adds a nice vibe to the photos. To me, it’s about the adventure. The impulse and rush to get away with things that most people would deem “wrong”. Rules and limitations have always compelled me to do the opposite of what they’re intended for, that of course is as long as there’s no harm done to others or myself. My father always said that the meaning of life is a collection of memories and with pictures, I feel I’m better able remember the awesome life I was able to create for myself.

The fashion aspect of this shoot, however, was geared more toward a beachy yet simplistic look. Living near the beach now enables to me to create outfits with more of a west coast feel. The crochet open-faced cardigan I was able to snag from Forever 21 was a great accent piece for the rest of the outfit. Tank-top and shorts, perfect throw on outfit for hot evening day.

Outfit: Crochet Cardigan and Cami Tank by Forever 21, Ripped Jean Shorts from Somewhere In The Mall.

Happy Easter Everyone!
IMG_3983_V1w copy

 Photos by Jon Cancelino

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