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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to shoot but lo and behold, here I am to finally be back at it again. As you could probably tell, for those of you who’s followed my blog in the past, I’ve finally updated my layout! lol, it actually took me a few weeks to set up, which sounds kinda pathetic I must admit, but regardless! even though I really loved my old layout, spring cleaning told me that it was for the best and I’m glad that I listened. Luckily for me, I was fortunate enough to have recently received an invite from to pose in some of their stellar apparel, which of course, I am beyond grateful for. This denim playsuit has seriously been my everything for the past week and a half. The fit was on point and the lace up backing added a perfect touch to the outfit’s ensemble.

Jon picked a spot in some rundown neighborhood over here in Clearwater that worked flawlessly with the outfit. Just as I was getting my mojo back, dozens of cars pass by honking, slowing down to stare at me and/or shout something at me for attention. I’ve never entirely understood the purpose of doing such things, but whatever will be I guess *shrug*.

Nevertheless, the day was beautiful. Kind of windy, not too hot. It only took us probably 20 minutes to shoot which I find incredible seeing that was the fastest shoot in the history of shooting, well for us anyway. Though, as some of you might have noticed, I’ve cut and dyed my hair black! I never imagined how great short hair would look on me but I am in love with it. I swear, my hair stylist, Coreatta who is so incredibly amazing, has never let me down. Enjoy my new look, more to come!

Outfit: Into You Denim Jumpsuit by TOBI || Hutton Leather Sandal by Shoe Cult || Rings by H&M

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If this is the life, why does it feel so good to die today? Blue to grey, grow up and blow away. – Metric


Photos by Jon Cancelino

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