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Dazed in the City


This past Thursday, I had recently shot at the Contemporary Art Museum in Tampa. The long day that it was, it started out like any other normal day except if normal were on steroids. Jon and I got tickets to see Capital Cities for their 8:00 PM show which I was very stoked about seeing. I had been playing their songs on repeat for the past week and a half visualizing how cool they would be to see in person, so I tried to squeeze in a shoot during the afternoon before the show. Tons of traffic but thankfully far less people at the spot than expected. I really loved the grass and tile decor of the area and found it fitting for the outfit that I was wearing.

For the outfit, I felt it gave off a hodge podge of looks including my take on Japanese, Egyptian, and 90s mod revival princess warrior… and anything else I can randomly think of. For the top, I’m wearing Wonderstellar‘s Everyday Fitted Top. Comfortable, soft, stylish, everything I’d expect from their clothing. Paired perfectly with NÜN Bangkok‘s The Condor Pants which are my forever go to pants for comfort. My Nasty Gal shoes were strangely easy to walk in this time around. Maybe it was because I couldn’t see my legs or feet while wearing the pants so I felt it was apart of me. That probably made zero sense to 90% of you. I know, I’m strange.

Finally, after an incredibly long and hot afternoon of shooting, it was time to for the concert. Shortly after arriving, Jon and I got drinks before we went out to the floor to watch. Listening to some opening band named Supros and sipping on my double shot of Bacardi and coke was exactly what I needed to relax. When it got time, we watched the 2nd band, Night Terrors of 1927, then Capital Cities came on right after and took over the reins of the show. Only having ate a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich before leaving the house prior pretty much guaranteed my defeat on the dance floor. Chartreuse and Center Stage being my favorite songs by them, I was surprised how good Farrah Fawcett Hair was live. Happy but borderline delirious, the show was finally over so me and Jon sat outside for a bit before heading home.  Pleased to say that I had the opportunity to meet all of the members of both the first and second opening bands, and of course to my surprise, Capital Cities. Ugh, they were sooo nice. No, I wasn’t one of their extroverted chihuahua fans, but I definitely felt comfortable in talking to them, as introverted as I was. So I snapped a couple of selfies, pitched a few complements, then jetted from that 7 minute after party.

The Outfit: Everyday Fitted Top by Wonderstellar || The Condor Pants by NÜN Bangkok || Shoe Cult Rising Up Platform Sandal by Nasty Gal || Vintage Round Sunglasses by OASAP || Turn The Cage Collar by Nasty Gal

More later.

xx Indya

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Photos by Jon Cancelino

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