Forever 21, Nasty Gal


Headed down to St. Petersburg this past weekend to get my shoot on. While walking in mega-platform heels was definitely a challenge, it was still incredibly fun to model in. It seems I wasn’t use to a lot of the inadvertent attention I was getting from street passers and side walkers so naturally, I tried to play it off without making the situation awkward. Understandable, I was the only one wearing all white towering over everyone who passed by with a camera pointed at them so of course it wasn’t much of a surprise.

This outfit was easily a favorite of mine. The feeling of confidence that came with looking incredibly elegant was a feeling out of this world. I finally felt interesting, looked interesting, and was interesting. I’ve always had a taste for bold outfits and with this one, I knew I had struck gold. Despite my past run-ins with Nasty Gal, they seem to have exactly what I’m looking for every now and again. Their Shoe Cult Rising Up Platform shoes were very comfortable. Only problem seemed to be that when I’d walk on slightly uneven cement, I’d have a run-in with death instead.

The Outfit: Arielle Dress by Nasty Gal || Turn The Cage Collar by Nasty Gal || Shoe Cult Rising Up Platform Sandal by Nasty Gal || Rings by Forever 21 || Studded iPhone 5 Case via Birthday Gift

Cheers xx

“As years go by, all the feelings inside twist and they turn as they ride with the tide. I don’t advise and I don’t criticise, I just know what I like with my own eyes… Sometimes”Depeche Mode


Photos by Jon Cancelino

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