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10th Tribe, H&M, OASAP

Blasphemous Rumours

Hi guys!

I hope everyone’s had a good month since my last post! Been busy as usual. Contemplating reality and trying to figure out how to properly restructure and formulate a website. Even though being under immense pressure to get things done doesn’t exactly fall under the premise of “fun”, I’ve finally found time for myself and the blog. Felt nice to get out around dusk and shoot in the city. Fall is officially here and I can already smell it in the air. Always has it seemed to give me this sense of calm. No longer will the nights remain in the mid to low 90s and electric bill out the roof. Happy to say I’m feeling well, happy. ~

So photo shoot, OASAP never fails to deliver on what suits my mood and style. Being one of my favorite sweaters to date, OASAP’s version of Kill Star’s Live Fast – Live Forever sweater had the perfect balance of warmth and coolness to keep me from sweating and freezing as the sun started to set here in Florida. However, my favorite part of the overall outfit was probably my new Holy Bible Case. Being able to conveniently store all of my important information and give off that mesmeric punk appeal that I adore is an all-time must for me.
More to come!

The Outfit: Kill Star: Live Fast Live Forever Sweater by OASAP, DOLL Beanie by 10th Tribe, Shorts by H&M, Shoes by A’GACI, Holy Bible iPhone 5 Case by eBay

“Summer’s day as she passed away, birds were singing in the summer sky. Then came the rain and once again, a tear fell from her mother’s eye”

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 Photos by Jon Cancelino

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