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Shot again for a quick minute in my latest TOBI dress, Dolls Kill’s Book of Spells bag that I’m over the moon about, and Demonia boots that I was FINALLY able to cop lol. I love having a dress that oozes that late 90s futuristic rave wear so I was pretty ecstatic having first received this beauty from TOBI (thank u so much 😘). Making a statement when I go out is always a must and especially since it’s so beyond exhaustingly hot here in Florida, this outfit played into the style that I was aiming for while somehow managing to keep me cool (guessing it has something to do with it being all white duh lolz #science).

Anyway can we please talk about how incredibly in love I am with my new Biohazard cross choker because despite the fact that I own like 100,000 chokers atm, this one is definitely in my top 100, lol okay jk. Like top 3. Maybe. Who knows! But regardless, the best part about it for me is that it gives off that edgy Vatican meets punk appeal which if you’re not familiar, I love having my outfits include tidbits of religion throughout the ensemble. Ya know cuz it’s awesome.

Outfit: Ryanne Sweatshirt Dress by TOBI || Book of Spells by Dolls Kill || Simple Cross Collar by Shop Biohazard || Technopagan Boots by Demonia Boots

More soon ~


Photos by Jon Cancelino

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  • Kamila

    Great styling and cool high-heeled shoes.
    Share your post on my blog.
    Greetings and welcome.

  • lucy staquet

    Sublime esthétisme photographique !
    J’adore !