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The Godfather

So happy to have finally taken the time out to shoot a new look for the blog! Winter vacation is officially over for me here in Florida now that the temperatures are rising once again and I’m not needing to hide away under the covers each day. Granted, this has been the only state to not receive snow and I’m probably being a drama queen about it. Never the less, I’m out and about as I should be once again.

The outfit I’ve worn really in a sense, captures who I am. It envelopes my style by giving that edgy look that I’m sure you all know I love. I thought about just wearing the Godfather muscle tank without the fishnets but I didn’t feel like it captured what I was looking for in the outfit. Trying to shoot this outfit was quite the adventure. Running all around Winter Garden to find the perfect spot as the clocks ticking and the suns setting. Forever awesome memories. Anyway, time for a break from the computer. Feel like I’ve been working all day. T_T

Outfit: The Godfather Muscle Tank by Forever 21, Ripped Shorts by Garage, Black Socks by Aerie, Black Creepers by ASOS

“My father taught me many things … keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

Photos by Jon Cancelino

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  • Dave

    Wow those photos rock. You really suit that outfit and you’re too hot even for all that sunshine. More?