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Forever 21, Nasty Gal, OASAP, Wonderstellar


Another warm and/or cold day here in Florida. Shooting is always a blast, especially when it’s just the right temperature outside. Unfortunately, it took me a grand total of 3 times to shoot this outfit. From sickness, to frustration, to an overcrowded beach, we were finally able to have a decent amount of space and sunlight to shoot without the constant stare of a tourist or resident. Regardless, I’m overjoyed with the way the images have turned out. It was incredibly windy which made it a slight challenge to have my hair work the way I wanted but felt so […]

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A Thousand Winters Melting

I had recently visited Sunset Beach over here in Clearwater to do a quick 10 minute shoot simply for the heck of it. Loving the weather here, especially after hearing about how the rest of the country is currently under several feet of snow and temperatures reaching the -50s. The water was calm and the wind wasn’t too hard which was a bonus in my opinion. The air got cooler as the sun started to set. Felt so nice to get out for a while and feel the wind against my face. Flying kites and hanging out, best way to […]

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