BADINKA, Demonia, Forever 21


Last week, I was happy to shoot for BADINKA Clothing here in downtown Tampa. Because I am crazy in love with electronic music, I chose to shoot with their stellar electronica Kontrol Leggings that’s designed to look similar to that of a synthesizer. The cyber style appealed to me, so from there, I decided to go for a desolate location as the backdrop of the shoot (honestly, I did have Fallout 4 in mind when shooting this lol). I wanted to keep the look simple as to emphasize the leggings, so I wore a plain black long-sleeve and my Demonia Technopagan Boots to match.

Also, side note, my mom says I look like Sinéad O’Connor with my hair and I’m just really digging that complement lol. Love you mom~

Outfit: Kontrol Leggings by BADINKA || Technopagan Boots by Demonia || Black Long-Sleeve by Forever 21 

In the spirit of techno electronic music, I wanted to post one of my favorite songs:

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