Filthy Magic, Urban Outfitters

La Lune x Le Soleil

Hi everyone!

Sorry to have been on hiatus for the past few months. I’ve taken some time off from blogging since I’ve been so busy with many other “life” things and also having recently shot another editorial. I’m happy to now present one of my latest looks from downtown Clearwater. It was a difficult shoot seeing that I had been bitten multiple times by mosquitos and was horribly hot (as Florida tends to be), but the images I believe, were well worth it.

I’m usually sort of picky when it comes to something I’d like to wear, so when I walked into Urban Outfitters, I was a bit skeptical if I’d find anything that I’d love to have for the right price (I’m a bargain shopper). However, just moments later, I found the perfect shirt that I knew would mesh well with my clothes. I’m a big advocate for the Oneness movement and have been heavily interested in astrology and astronomy my entire life, so right away, I felt the shirt resonated wonderfully with me. The material was so soft and the loose fit was great, especially for such a humid summer day.

Outfit: ☾ La Lune x Le Soleil ☼ shirt by Urban Outfitters, leather shorts by Forever 21, leather studded bag from Filthy Magic, shoes… from somewhere only we know.


See the stars, they’re shining bright. Everything’s alright tonight.

 Photos by Jon Cancelino

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