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Grow Up and Blow Away

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to shoot but lo and behold, here I am to finally be back at it again. As you could probably tell, for those of you who’s followed my blog in the past, I’ve finally updated my layout! lol, it actually took me a few weeks to set up, which sounds kinda pathetic I must admit, but regardless! even though I really loved my old layout, spring cleaning told me that it was for the best and I’m glad that I listened. Luckily for me, I was fortunate enough to have recently received an […]

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The Crush

Jon and I made our way down to South Florida this past July to stay at an incredibly chic Airbnb location right at the heart of Miami Beach. While we were there, we managed to capture some pretty phenomenal images directly off the balcony overlooking the city. With a cool breeze and being intermediately warm, I was happy to be back for the second time to shoot with my latest Rocksbox necklace and charms. I titled this The Crush because apart from being one of my favorite films, I really felt my look gave a strong Alicia Silverstone vibe. To be […]

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Indya in Little India

While cruising through the streets of Chicago with Jon for the first time this past June, I had the fortune of finding an amazing location I thought to be perfect to shoot my Indian-esque Hippie outfit. Devon Avenue is basically one huge street devoted to anything and everything Indian. The colors, the gaudy ads and cell tech stores. It was such a new experience for me, never actually having left Florida except a handful of times to some states in the south, Devon was everything I knew I wanted the setting of my shoot to have. Though, the sun was […]

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Forever 21, Nasty Gal


Headed down to St. Petersburg this past weekend to get my shoot on. While walking in mega-platform heels was definitely a challenge, it was still incredibly fun to model in. It seems I wasn’t use to a lot of the inadvertent attention I was getting from street passers and side walkers so naturally, I tried to play it off without making the situation awkward. Understandable, I was the only one wearing all white towering over everyone who passed by with a camera pointed at them so of course it wasn’t much of a surprise. This outfit was easily a favorite […]

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Another warm and/or cold day here in Florida. Shooting is always a blast, especially when it’s just the right temperature outside. Unfortunately, it took me a grand total of 3 times to shoot this outfit. From sickness, to frustration, to an overcrowded beach, we were finally able to have a decent amount of space and sunlight to shoot without the constant stare of a tourist or resident. Regardless, I’m overjoyed with the way the images have turned out. It was incredibly windy which made it a slight challenge to have my hair work the way I wanted but felt so […]

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