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Like a Lion Magazine: Chasing Sunset

Here’s some of my recent work with the Australian publication, Like a Lion Magazine. Jon and I decided to snap a few pics after we stopped on the side of the highway on our way up to Atlanta, Georgia after seeing these gorgeous yellow daisies. I’m incredibly pleased with what we’ve managed to capture. Check it out below! Photographer: Jon Cancelino Photography Models: Indya Smith Wardrobe: Forever 21, Machine Like a Lion: Chasing Sunset

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Pseudologia Fantastica

Hi everyone! It seems life has been really hectic for me lately. Changing of lifestyle is always difficult but I’m starting to get a better handle on it all. Making modeling one of my top priorities, I’m ultra motivated to get things done and moving in the right direction. Easter’s today at least (and 4/20 for my friends who’re into that sort of thing). So happy to be able to get together with my family and eat an amazing delicious dinner by my Grammy. This shoot has so far been one of my favorites simply because it has a very […]

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The Godfather

So happy to have finally taken the time out to shoot a new look for the blog! Winter vacation is officially over for me here in Florida now that the temperatures are rising once again and I’m not needing to hide away under the covers each day. Granted, this has been the only state to not receive snow and I’m probably being a drama queen about it. Never the less, I’m out and about as I should be once again. The outfit I’ve worn really in a sense, captures who I am. It envelopes my style by giving that edgy […]

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