My name is Indya Smith, or Indy as you may know. East Indy Street is pretty much just your run-of-the-mill fashion blog all about my pursuit of modeling, including fashion inspirations, what sparks my interest, what keeps me going, and whatever else. I love anything to do with fashion or thinking outside the box of ordinary life which I tend to implement into a lot of my style. Get to know more about me by checking out my Q&A below! xx

20 Questions

Full Name:
Indya Marie Smith
How tall are you?
Which element best represents you:
Fire. I’m spontaneous, erratic, and often impulsive. 🔥
How many tattoos do you have?
Just one so far that says フェニックス which means Phoenix in Japanese.
Meaning behind your blog name:
I always think of East Indy Trading Company when I hear my nickname “Indy” so because I live on the East coast, I thought it’d be great to call it East Indy Street.
Favorite fashion designers:
Balmain, Yazbukey, Dolce & Gabbana
Favorite TV show:
The Office
Favorite movie:
Kill Bill
Favorite actresses:
Sigourney Weaver, Cate Blanchett
Favorite manga:
Tramps Like Us, Ninja Girls, Love Hina
Favorite bands:
Fraunhofer Diffraction, Purity Ring, Kauf
Spotify ID: 1238056727 (Indya Smith)
Favorite animal:
My orange and white tabby peach, Momo. 🐱 (愛してる, もも)
Favorite store:
Favorite foods:
I’m the biggest foodie so I’ll pretty much eat anything but my favorites are Sushi 🍣, Pizza 🍕, Tacos 🌮
Do you prefer tea or coffee?
Tea always 🍵
Your celeb crushes:
Martin Freeman and David Tennent
Do you smoke?
Indo lyfe 4evr 🍃
Favorite country:
日本 ください
Favorite sweet treat:
Smiley face
Cookies, donuts, macaroons, Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food, creme brûlée, Hershey’s cookies and creme, rainbow swirl pops

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